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Many Veterans struggle to find meaning in their work after service.

This new program reminds Veterans that their service continues to make an impact on the people of Texas, even though it might not make headlines or save lives.

The program’s mission is to provide inspiration for Iraq and Afghanistan era Veterans as they step off the battlefield and into civilian life.

Next Gen Warrior is hosted by Dan Hamilton, born and raised in Katy, Texas, Dan enlisted in the Marine Corps after graduating from high school in 2005. During his five years of service he was stationed at the Marine Corps Barracks in Washington, DC and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan leaving at the rank of Sergeant.

He earned his undergraduate degree in U.S Government from the University of Texas at Austin and served as President of the Student Veterans Association. He now hosts the Next Gen Warrior podcast.

Far too often, we hear the stories of Veterans suffering from PTSD and depression. While these stories show the very real struggles faced by Veterans, far too often, we fail to tell the stories of success in the Veteran community. From non-profit leaders to entrepreneurs, Next Gen Warrior stories encourage their peers and demonstrate the opportunities available to soldiers when they hand back their body armor.
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